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Over the years we have evolved our product offering to suit the many needs of the hotel and hospitality sector. We offer an award winning, high-quality, and sustainable portfolio of showering and tapware solutions without compromising on visual appeal or performance.

By specifying Methven tapware and shower systems, you can reduce your carbon, save thousands of litres of water, and make financial savings of up to £5,000 every year.


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Showers, taps and toilets consume around 30%-40% of a typical hotel’s water. The guest room is a prime focus for water reductions that are both commercially viable and sustainable.

A Methven water saving shower is one of the most effective ways of reducing the amount of water used in a hotel, saving 50% on water usage with no compromise on guest experience.

Hand hygiene and less contact within public areas and bathrooms have become far more important than ever before. We have years of experience in this area having provided the necessary products and tapware solutions, not only to hotels but also hospitals, care homes and gyms.

Our range of sensor taps will not only reduce the daily contact in the washroom area but also can result in a 50% reduction of water consumption and therefore lower water and energy bills. Choose from our range of wall and deck mounted products available in a selection of finishes.

It’s clear that more hotel guests than ever are keenly aware of environmental issues, which means that hotels need to balance the best bathroom experience while reassuring their customers that they are actively pursuing effective green policies.





Why choose Methven for your Specification project?

Our specification team is available to help you match the requirements of your hotel refurbishment project. They are able to share their knowledge and insights of any legislation and regulations as well as provide technical support to maximise product performance and efficiency.



“When it came to planning the bathrooms for Hotel Brooklyn we opted for the Methven Black Krome collection as it was an excellent fit to the monotone palette of the unique angular en-suite pods. A striking contemporary design was crucial when designing the en-suites, however it was also important that the shower performed well and delivered an invigorating experience, whilst being water efficient due to high-usage.”


Oliver Redfern, Interior Designer at Squid Inc

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We have a wide range products and technologies to meet any specification project.

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