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At Methven we’re committed to protecting the planet and reducing our environmental impact to help conserve the earth’s natural resources.

Water is the earth’s most precious commodity. Currently around one fifth of the world lives in a water scarce region. And with water usage growing at twice the population rate, its preservation will only become more vital in years to come.

That’s why at Methven we make taking care of water a primary focus in every product we develop.

At the heart of Methven, everything we design is aligned with the 5 F’s, Form, Function, Future, Flow and Finish.


At Methven, Our award winning designers spend a lot of time studying & researching what people want, anticipating even the smallest of needs to deliver truly amazing water experiences.


Did you know that your shower uses around 30% of your household water consumption? So we’ve developed innovative technologies - such as Satinjet® and Aurajet® - that deliver a luxurious shower experience, all whilst actually using less water.

We are committed to conserving energy and water to adhere to current regulations. Our aim is to protect the planet for generations to come with innovative technologies which function using less water yet offer no compromise on performance. What’s more our products are designed to last a lifetime.


We aim to deliver a solution to our partners in reducing water, energy & carbon consumption, improving the environmental impact on our world and without compromising on performance.

The world is running out of freshwater so we must do something to protect this most precious resource.

Our specification products have been tailored for this purpose to achieve the 110 litres per person per day for Part G legislation. We offer tapware solutions for basins at 4 litres per minute and kitchen taps at 6 litres per minute plus showering at a flow rate of 8 litres or less.
We’re compliant not just with current regulations but, futureproofing the property and supporting new homeowners in actively reducing their water and energy usage, and their ongoing bills.


Our selection of beautiful finishes are inspired by precious metals as well as urban and industrial trends which are so prevalent in leading edge design publications like Elle Decoration.


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