Satinjet® Overhead Square Drencher

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All pressure design Suitable for all water pressures above 35kPa/0.35 bar.

A full-body shower experience, like no other. Exclusive to Methven. Satinjet’s® colliding twin jets produce over 300,000 droplets of water per second for the ultimate shower experience.

Ultimate immersion Enjoy the ultimate Satinjet® shower with ultra wide spray for an immersive full body experience. Suitable for larger bathroom and shower spaces.



Satinjet® Overhead Square Drencher
Product code & RRP
Chrome (OSQ230CP) RRP: £224.30
Thermostatic product
Ceramic discs
Technical features

Features the revolutionary Satinjet spray design. Twin jets of water collide into thousands of tiny droplets to deliver voluminous shower coverage

230mm square overhead drencher featuring Satinjet® spray

Easy-to-clean faceplate

Brass, adjustable ball joint connection

Suitable for use with Methven's designer ceiling or wall arms

Swivel joint

Water pressure
Suitable for all Pressures



Working files

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Care Tips

Care Tips

Care Tips:

  1. Regular cleaning of your product is recommended to avoid stubborn build-ups of dirt and limescale. For regular cleaning, use a soft cloth and mild soap or detergent.
  2. Never spray cleaning agents directly onto your product as the spray can get inside and cause damage where the concentrated cleaner cannot be rinsed out. Always spray the cloth then wipe the product or use a cloth that is damp with a water & detergent solution.
  3. Never use metal or abrasive scouring pads as these will scratch and damage the finish on your product. Never use cleaners that contain a scouring additive such as creme cleaners that contain silica.
  4. Do not use aggresive or highly acidic cleaners, these include products containing, sodium hypochlorite (chlorine bleach), formic acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrogen peroxide or ammonia. Never mix cleaning agents. The use of harsh or abrasive cleaners will void the product warranty.
  5. After cleaning make sure you remove any residue left by the cleaning agent by residing thoroughly with clean water and wipe dry using a dry soft cloth. Do not leave cleaning products in contact any longer that necessary.