This suite is a truly unique collaboration between Pullman Sydney Hyde Park and Matt Blatt furniture. This generously spaced suite is situated on the 20th floor, boasting amazing views of Hyde Park and Sydney’s CBD. Featuring iconic and unconventional furnishings handpicked by the Matt Blatt team.
Completed in 2016, this suite is a modern homage to bright 80’s styling, highly sought after by those who appreciate bold pops of colour, intimate lighting, quirky prints, assorted sculptures and figurines with an overarching animal kingdom theme. Every room and aspect reveals something different for a truly unique space not soon forgotten. This suite is perfect for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the CBD.
Adding to the unique nature of this one of a kind suite is the Aroha tapware collection. With a design reminiscent f a bird of paradise flower, this range’s subtle elegance makes a statement which complementing its surrounds. Aroha tapware breaks away from expectation by combining distinct angles with soft forms to create dynamic and visual interest.
Accompanying Aroha is the equally unique Aurajet Aio Rail Shower. Internationally renowned, this shower range is the most awarded in Methven history boasting two Red Dot Design awards, an Australian Good Design Award and a Special German Design Award to name a few. Whilst turning heads in the design community, the Aurajet spray turns conventional showering on it’s head, with hidden jets which deflect of precisely angled surfaces to create stunning fans of luxuriously dense droplets.
This playfully exciting suite continues to deliver hidden surprises at every turn with hand picked designer furniture and convention defying finishing’s such as Aroha tapware and an Aurajet Aio shower. Sure to leave an impression not soon forgotten.