Make the most of your Methven experience.


Make the most of your Methven experience.

  • Answers to our most frequently asked questions.


  •  How can I save money on my hot water bill?

  • The average shower uses 20 litres of water per minute. A Methven Satinjet shower, with a 14 litre flow restrictor, could save up to 27% of your hot water energy costs, and up to 30% of your total water costs.
  • Better still, fit your Satinjet shower with a 9 litre per minute flow restrictor, and you could potentially save up to 49% of your hot water energy costs, and 55% of your total water costs. The Satinjet essentially pays for itself in a matter of months.*
  • *Water flows on mains pressure cylinders vary across NZ. Not all water flows are on mains pressure, and low pressure will produce lower flow rates. The savings indicated are based on a typical mains pressure shower flow, of 20 litres per minute.


  • How easy is it to upgrade my shower head or handset?
  • Because the fittings on most showers are universal, it’s usually easy to upgrade most showers to a Methven Shower fitting. There are, however, some exceptions with particular brands and products.

    Shower Rose

  • Ensuring that your shower is turned off, use a spanner to loosen off the shower rose. Remove the shower rose. Your new Methven shower rose should simply screw onto this fitting. Ensure that there is a washer in place to prevent any leakage.
  • Note: this only applies if you are removing a shower head from an arm. It does not apply when removing an arm. In this case threads need to be sealed.
  • For more information, please contact your local Methven stockist, or contact us directly.
  • Handset

  • Ensuring that your shower is off, twist off your shower handset. If this is tight, which may have happened due to a calcium build-up, you may require a spanner for this. Remove the handset. A new Methven Shower should simply screw onto this fitting. Please ensure that there is a washer in place to prevent any leakage.
  • For more information, please contact your local Methven Stockist, or contact us directly.


  • My shower head is leaking.

    Check that the faceplate is not cracked. If it is, you’ll need to order either a new faceplate, if one is available (currently available on Methven Satinjet, Futura or Genesis showers) or a new showerhead or handset. The cracking could be due to the pressure of your shower being too high. In this case a flow restrictor will need to be installed to prevent it happening again.

  • Check if the fitting is threading correctly, and not cross-threaded. A washer may need to be fitted. If the fitting has been cross-threaded, a new showerhead may be needed. Note: you should not use thread tape when fitting Methven showerheads to shower arms.
  • Your hose or hose fittings may be damaged (if you have a slide shower). In this case you will need a new hose.


  • Care & Cleaning Instructions

    Methven tapware is designed and manufactured for enduring style. To maintain the quality finish, please follow these guidelines:

  • Choose only gentle cleaning products and don’t use harsh abrasives.
  • Wipe with a soft cloth and water. If necessary, use mild dishwashing liquid or liquid soaps.
  • To remove stubborn stains or marks, look for a reliable brand of specialist metal cleaner (e.g. a gold cleaner for gold finishes).


  • Some of my shower's nozzles seem to be blocked.
  • After a period of time, the nozzles can become blocked with lime or calcium build-up from hard water, which distorts the spray pattern. In this case, simply soak it in equal parts vinegar and hot water. This should dissolve the mineral deposits. Avoid caustic cleaners.


    Tips and Advice for Professionals


  • Single Lever Mixer Tips & Tricks

    Single Lever - Mixer leaking under handle

  • Check that the barrel or cartridge is not loose. Can the barrel be tightened clockwise by hand without stiffening the spout?
  • Check pressure is below 1000kPa at all times. If not, install Pressure Limiting Valve or Cold Water Expansion valve. Clean and check cartridge seal or replace cartridge.
  • Are line strainers installed on hot and cold supplies? If not, fit line strainers and new cartridge.

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